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What are Telomeres?

In all living organisms, aging is the result of the decrease in the number and/ or function of cells. Each time cells replicate, telomeres, the protective caps on the end of chromosomes, shorten until they reach a point where the cells can no longer divide properly. Cells with such short telomeres usually become senescent or enter apoptosis end eventually die.

The primary cause of disease is aging. Short telomere are linked to age-related diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, diabetes, and infertility. Telomere length and telomere shortening vary in each individual because they depend on a combination of the following factors: genetics, environment, and lifestyle.

Why is it important to Measure Telomeres?

Telomere length is the key biomarker in understanding your unique aging process as an individual and true biological age. Life lengths Telomere Analysis Technology® test will help you:

  • Demonstrate The effectiveness of age management and preventive medicine programs.
  • Contribute to earlier detection of chronic diseases.
  • Provide risk stratification
  • Gain better insight into disease progression and prognosis.
  • Guide therapeutic treatment design and interventions.

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