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Lost 47 pounds!

Started: 10/19/2016, Weight: 298, Body Fat: 34%

Most Recent: 5/18/2018, Weight: 251, BF: 17.8%

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Lost 122.5 pounds!

Started 6/5/2015, Weight: 316.5, BF: 57.2%

6/19/2018, Weight: 194.0, BF: 28.9%

Patient beat his goal weight of 200 pounds!!!


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Lost 35.6 pounds!

Started: 4/3/2018, Weight: 231

6/6/2018, Weight: 194.4

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Lost 50 pounds!

Started: 6/27/2016, Weight: 213.0, BF: 44.2%

6/19/2018, Weight: 163.0, BF: 35.9%

Patient beat goal weight of 193 pounds


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Lost 40 pounds!

Started: August 2022, Weight: 172 lbs, BF: 32%

April 2023, Weight 132 lbs, BF: 23%

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Lost 43.5 pounds!

Started: August 2022, Weight: 185.5 lbs, BF: 39.5%

March 2023, Weight 142.0, BF: 32.3%




    “Two years ago, I took the first step to making a lifestyle change. I met with Dr Frank Comstock and had the pleasure of working with him and Yuviana to help set my weight loss goals. Dr. Frank was able to review my blood work with me and helped me see the changes I needed to make. What I loved about my experience at Lifestyle Spectrum was that no one ever made me feel ashamed... they just helped me see the changes I could make and that they weren’t unattainable. I realized I needed to make some serious life changes, but I was able to make those changes with their help. Dr. Franks made realistic goals and allowed me to see that I could make those changes because he believed in me and his program. Dr. Frank helped change my life and I am forever grateful for him and his staff!"

    -M. Hess 7/1/2018


    “I was stuck trying to lose stubborn weight regardless of how much exercise I would input in my daily life. I finally decided to make a change. Dr. Comstock and his amazing weight loss program has made this process both easy and fun for me! Learning the different ways your daily routine can impact your weight is truly astonishing... Thank you Dr. Comstock and the entire Lifestyle Spectrum crew for helping me achieve my weight loss goal!”

    -Gabby V. 2/6/2023


    "I currently follow Lifestyle Spectrum, Dr. Frank Comstock's nutrition plan, and along with regular exercise I've never felt better, and have finally reached my goal weight. People ask me all the time, how did you do it? Was it hard? I will admit, at first it was tough, but the longer I stuck to it, the easier it got, and look at where I am now. I have my confidence back, and I've never been happier. Along with sticking to Dr. Comstock's tailored plan, I have also been taking the Mitochondrial Kit, Probiotic, and the vanilla protein powder for a meal replacement."

    -Marissa M. 3/3/23



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