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Are you feeling less energetic? Is there too much stress in your daily life impacting your health? Do you have a hard time losing weight? Dr. Frank Comstock at Lifestyle Spectrum offers a natural solution to some common health issues with nutritional injections and supplements, from improving memory to helping burn fat, at his Tucson, Arizona practice. Take advantage of these nutritional injections by calling today, or come into the office to purchase- no appointment needed!

Nutritional Injections

What are nutritional injections?

Nutritional injections are specially designed supplements. Our injections have many essential nutrients that promote health and wellness.

The nutritional injections offered at Lifestyle Spectrum include:

  • Nutrimax®
  • Therapeutic
  • NutriSlim™
  • Thera-Slim™

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What types of nutritional injections can improve my health?


Nutrimax contains nutrients that bolster your health, including inositol, methionine, choline, and chromium chloride. Dr. Comstock recommends a Nutrimax nutritional injection to:

  • Improve memory
  • Decrease fatigue
  • Regulate blood sugar
  • Strengthen hair and nails
  • Rejuvenate skin tone
  • Maintain a healthy immune system


Dr. Comstock’s Therapeutic nutritional injection aims to restore your health during times of stress. This injection contains an extra dose of vitamin B12 for energy, along with vitamin B6, inositol, methionine, choline, and chromium chloride.

Dr. Comstock recommends the Therapeutic nutritional injection to:

  • Reduce sugar cravings
  • Relieve bloating and cramping
  • Improve mood and energy
  • Fight stress 

What types of nutritional injections can help me lose weight?

As a weight loss expert, Dr. Comstock offers "Slim-jections," to help burn fat.


The NutriSlim injection contains all of the benefits of our Nutrimax nutritional injection along with chromium picolinate and L-carnitine for added fat-burning benefits.


TheraSlim boosts your immunity and helps you fight off stress while also helping to promote fat loss. It’s a combination of all the nutrients found in Therapeutic nutritional injection with added fat burners.

How can vitamin B12 injections help me?

To give you a boost of energy, Dr. Comstock offers vitamin B12 injections. This essential nutrient helps your body make new blood cells and supports nerve and brain function.