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Frank Comstock, MD, ABAARM, FACEP

Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine located in Tucson, AZ

Dr. Comstock is a member of the International Peptide Society (IPS)

Short of making time come to a stop, anti-aging specialist Frank Comstock, MD, ABAARM, FACEP does the next best thing. Since 2000, he has brought his expertise in anti-aging, ranging from hormone therapy to nutritional supplements, as well as medically supervised weight loss and wellness coaching, to men and women in and around Tucson, Arizona at his practice, Lifestyle Spectrum.

Dr. Comstock, who is board-certified in emergency medicine, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine, brings more than 30 years of clinical practice as he works one-on-one with patients to provide individualized care that matches both health and lifestyle needs.

The doctor is also an author, sharing his message of antiaging in his book, “Antiaging 101: Course Manual: A Proactive Preventive Health Care Program.: Dr. Comstock received his medical degree from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He remained at Michigan State University in Grand Rapids for his emergency medicine residency.

Lifestyle Spectrum is a state-of-the-art medical and wellness center. Led by Dr. Comstock, the tight-knit team of skilled health professionals work hard to maintain one of the most innovative and effective antiaging programs available. The team is committed to ongoing training and education and strives to offer only the most advanced anti-aging treatments, procedures, and cutting-edge technologies.

Among the complete menu of anti-aging services are peptide therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for men and women. In 2008, Dr. Comstock became the first Sottopelle® certified Physician in
Southwest Arizona.

Lifestyle Spectrum also offers physician-supervised weight management programs and wellness coaching for a lifetime of success.

Dr. Comstock and his staff at Lifestyle Spectrum operate from the philosophy that reaching optimal health works best when people are actively engaged in the process. When it comes to setting up healthier lifestyle habits and maintaining youth and vitality, your success is their success. That’s why they dedicate themselves to patient education and empowerment.

When he’s not busy helping his patients turn back the hands of time, you can find Dr. Comstock on Twitter under his handle @FrankComstock, as well as his blog at


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Protect your genes for a healthy future.

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"I have been a patient of Dr. Comstock's for about 4 years, and he has been the perfect addition to my long-term efforts to "enhance" my longevity in both time and quality. I recently had a comprehensive medical history/blood and DNA analysis completed by an independent Laboratory (TruAge) which tries to determine one's true "biological-age" vs "chronological-age". My result was: at the chronological-age of 79, TruAge determined that my true biological-age was only 64 years! I believe that Dr. Comstock and his very capable staff have been key to this wonderful result. Physically, I remain completely able to do all of the activities (hike/bike/ride motorcycles/fly acrobatic-airplanes, etc.) that I've enjoyed doing ALL of my long and enjoyable life. If you want also be a "longevity-enhancer" I suggest you contact Dr. Comstock for a consultation."
- Richard D Jones



    Medically supervised weekly weight loss program.  Drop 5 to 10 pounds the first week and up to 20 pounds the first month*

    *Typical results, not guaranteed.

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All of our supplements formulas are pharmaceutical grade to provide the highest purity, quality, and potency.
Come into our office to see our wide range of products, or order online.

Excellent Review by A.T., via Google

Dr. Comstock changed my life. Balancing my hormone levels after a comprehensive workup via the most cutting edge means literally took my quality of life to a level I had almost given up on ever finding. Energy levels, overall wellbeing, sleep, weight loss and a marked drop in a near lifelong anxiety issue. I feel 20 years younger!

His staff are the most courteous and attentive I've encountered in the medical field. Dr. Comstock took a generous amount of time with me, listened intently and navigated to a clinical approach that no other physician has ever been able to diagnose or even come remotely close thus far. I highly recommend Lifestyle Spectrum and Dr. Frank Comstock!

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Living in Circadian Rhythm

We are designed to have 24-hour rhythms to our physiology and metabolism. Our bodies have an internal clock that we refer to as our circadian rhythm. The way our behavior coincides with our circadian rhythm can have major impacts on our overall health.


Words from our patients

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    "Excellent physician and staff. Lab results and health concerns were thoroughly reviewed. A plan of care was provided and initiated promptly."

    Inez M.
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    "Frank Comstock and his knowledgeable staff are delightful people. I have more energy thanks to Frank's care. They are great."

    Lydia M.
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    "I moved from another clinic and am very happy I did. Dr. Comstock and his staff are very personable as well as professional. I have total confidence in the treatment."

    John G.
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    "Staff is very friendly and competent. Great doc, I've met with him on every visit. I have been to other clinics but none of them can match the high level of service."

    Gilbert R.
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    "I had a very comfortable and informative visit. I'm not a big fan of Doctor visits but I really liked this one and Dr. Comstock was great."

    Tyson D.
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    "Everyone makes me feel both accepted and welcome. I have the feeling that l somehow belong. Dr Comstock seems to totally understand and accept me."

    Paul L.
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    "I am a winter visitor to Arizona from Canada. The care I receive from Dr. Comstock and his staff is extraordinary in every way."

    Angela F.


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